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You forgot the peanut butter?!?!

I love apps that make my life (or my wife’s life) easier. And Shopping Cart v 5.0 from Digital Outcast is one of them. Our previous way of creating grocery shopping lists involved scrawling items on a piece of scratch paper when we ran out and then hoping not to lose list or forget it when leaving for the grocery store.We would always forget to add some needed item to our list. While shopping, we wouldn’t have a pen, so we couldn’t cross items off our list as they went into our shopping cart, so we’d forget items on the list. When we got home, we’d hit ourselves on the head for forgetting my box of Fruit Loops (kidding!) or that ingredient that we absolutely needed to make dinner that night.

Shopping Cart takes care of all those hassles. You can create and modify master lists and check off items as you shop. It uses AppToDate so you never have to worry about getting the latest updates. And it works with all screen resolutions.

And, for those with certain sensitivities and sensibilities, Digital Outcast renamed his app to Digicast Solutions Shopping Cart from cRaCKwHoRe’s Shopping Cart.

Note: No pics included because they were too blurry.