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Throttle Lock 3D Available

Just over a week ago we posted a video of the newest version of ThorttleLock which features some 3D g-sensor graphics. Well now you can go ahead and download ThrottleLock v.7. Here’s a host of new improvements to ThrottleLock:

New functionality and design
– Added 3D effect based on GSensor (will work on Omnia and HTC GSensor enabled devices). Can be disabled throughout the settings dialog.
– Added Active tasks notification icon.
– Added Upcoming appointments notifications icon.
– Added Notifications dialogs showing:
– Number of Unread emails and the last unread email subject
– Pending tasks
– Unread SMSs and the last unread body.
– Next Upcoming appointment if it’s in the next two days.
– Number of missed calls and last missed call.
– Added minimum time lapse after last power off before ThrottleLock automatically locks the device.
– Fully redesigned settings dialog.
– Now if text size for the clock is 1, clock is not painted.
– Skins inherent graphics from the default one.
– Added ThsDownload so Gold users can download their licenses directly from the device.
– Added AppToDate support.
Bugs Solved and improvements
– Drawing speed improvements.
– Greatly improved startup time
– Solved not blocking on idle power off.
– ThrottleLock will not lock the device if a call is taking place.
– Solved locking when calling ends.
– Increased a little bit the haptic vibrate time.
– Try to solve the "waking in the wrong program after unlock" issue.
– S2A works a lot faster

The download is available here as well as tips on how to skin ThrottleLock.