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Fuse – RSS Reader For WP7 Like You’ve Never Seen

We’ve seen lots of RSS readers around here but this one is different. There are multiple themes. One is only graphics showing images laid out Kin style (with the title of the feed subtly overlaid on the image). Another version gives you a similar look but it’s words only. A third version has a sliding panel of images to go through feeds.  It’s a lesson in how to make an app aesthetically pleasing, if nothing else, and it’s a home run at that. The fun starts at :45 into the video.

Here’s the feature list:

-Synchronize your feeds automatically or manually, and read the offline.
-3 Different themes: square, Ipsum, Pulsor + others coming soon (pivot very soon)
-Mode landscape and portrait to square and Pulsor
-Personalize your application (theme colors, wallpaper)
-Taking account of the channels YouTube – add, delete, modify your data (RSS/YouTube)

More info is available here on FaceBook

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