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Introducing the budcon

There’s a problem out there, one that you probably experience all of the time. It’s your buds falling out. Yes don’t you hate when your buds fall out? You could be just sitting there relaxing and your buds fall out. I know I hate it when my buds fall out, totally ruins my buzz y’know dude?! The buds I’m speaking about are your earbuds, specifically the Apple earbuds. A little company has come up with a fix for that problem, and it’s called the budcon.  It’s essentially a holder for your buds that resembles a neck band.


Like most that already have ear buds for use with their iPhones, iPods and iPads, is there a simple way to keep them from constantly falling out? Now there’s no need to buy new ones, because budcon™ offers a way to use the ear buds you already have by securing them in place in a comfortable frame that stays put even when active. budcon™ is a stylish way to keep the music in and the aggravation out.

For those who like to walk, jog, workout or just move around while listening to their music on an Apple™ device, ear buds can slip or fall out of place. What a frustration that can be! But budcon™ has a way to allow users to enjoy their music without fumbling or having to constantly re-adjust their ear buds, and alleviates the pain often associated with over inserting ear buds. Uniquely created to work with the newer generation of ear buds for the Apple™ iPhone and iPod, budcon™ is the best product on the market to hold ear buds in place.

budcon™ is a lightweight headset that wraps comfortably around the neck without slipping. This provides a comfortable fit for ear buds to stay in place. The clever design can be worn under hats and helmets and also gives the user cord management options to safely route your bud cords out of the way. budcon™ is available in 3 great colors including Arctic White, Basic Black and Phantom Clear and their website shows how easy it is to wear. budcon™ is so confident in their product that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee for complete satisfaction.

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