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Fuze/Touch Pro Zagg Shield Giveaway

imageIn the past we’ve brought you some great deals including Zagg discounts and I’ve often gone for the deals myself. But I never installed them on my Fuze actually (I did try them on other phones though) so may as well give them away.  Anyway, I have one full body shield and one that’s just the screen to giveaway. Oh and don’t ask why I bought a second one when I never used the first one…I wouldn’t be able to answer that aside from saying that it was on sale so I kept buying. Not sure how many of you are still using Fuzes but if you do (and it’s not too late) may as well protect the sucker for free.

Getting to the details, the full body is listed as HTC Touch Pro GSM (Full Body) and here’s the link to Zagg’s site which they still list for $25. The screen shield is listed as HTC Fuze Screen and here’s the link to Zagg’s site which they list for $15. The screen is just that – a single small sheet that just covers the top portion of the phone. The full body comes with the spray bottle if you want it (it’s just water) but I lost the install squeegee (you can just use a credit card).

Anyway, let my loss be your gain. All you need to do to enter is add a comment to this post. I’ll pick two winners -  first gets the full body and the second gets the screen. Only limitation is that I’m only going to ship it within the US…it’s free man:) If you enter more than once only the first entry counts…but you still get a pity vote in my heart for wanting to protect your aging phone. And we’ll run this for a week ending September 2nd at 5pm EST. Now…let’s see if we have two people using Fuzes still 😉