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What’s Your Favorite FuzeBerry Flavor?

With the ever popular MobileMatt FuzeBerry and now the FuzeBerry II, chefs around the world have been busy in there kitchens cooking up various FuzeBerry ROM flavors. There are FuzeBerry lights, FuzeBerry Full’s, Mystic Fuzeberry’s, and Energy packed FuzeBerry’s. So what flavor is best for you?

To make it easy, we have compiled a list of known FuzeBerry ROM’s:



    Be sure to thank all of the great Chefs for there hard work and visit our Forums often for new releases… If you come across a link to a new Fuzeberry ROM not listed, send us the link so we can share it with everyone. If you are new to flashing ROM’s, be sure to check out the NOOB question repository.

    If you are thinking about trying a WM6.5 based ROM but don’t want to give up your TF3D, Then try the Mystic ROM as it has the best of both worlds. jug6ernaut has put this one together and is currently working on his v1.0 so keep an eye out for that.

    If you want a ROM that’s like driving a Ferrari and loaded with TF3D2, then the EnergyROM is for you. Thank NRGZ28 for this one.

    If you would like to add the Fuzeberry to your existing device without flashing a new ROM, just go to , download the CAB file and enjoy. (Be sure to download the right version as one is the standard and one is for the new TF3D2)