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G1 Hits 1 Million Sales

The first ever Android phone, Tmobile G1, finally hit 1 million units sold after being in the market for about 6 months. This is really good a for a brand new device with a really unknown and new operating system. The Google backed Android system was the first system to have a completely open source platform to allow third party developers to develop their own apps for the phone. This was probably one of the biggest selling points of the phone that people did not have to pay for apps and were not restricted to apps only approved by the manufacturer. Other  comparable phones sold 1 million in a much shorter time like the Blackberry Storm sold 1 million in 3 months and the Apple Iphone 3G sold 1 million in a weekend world wide and took about a month in the US but again these phones already had a reputation, fan base and multiple devices under their belts.