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Game guides move into the new century

Newly released into the Windows Phone Marketplace is the Diablo III Guide, by Denham Software Solutions.  (Ah! These are the same folks who brought us the Starbucks Card app, which has been very well received.)  Denham Software Solutions is no stranger to game guides on the WP platform, evidently:  they also have Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and Amalur (which I admit to never having heard of) guides.

I’m a HUGE Diablo fan.  I had the original game, and pre-ordered Diablo II AND Diablo II:Lord of Destruction.  In fact, it was Diablo that got my mother (just turned 65, thanks) into computer RPG gaming!  Ahhh … LAN parties at friends’ houses, and even with my mother when I moved back into her house to finish my college degree.

So when I saw a tweet about this guide, I had to give it a look-see.  It’s very nice, and is nicely detailed for a pre-game-release application.  It talks about each of the 5 classes, discusses the different skills, the new Followers NPCs, and even has a character calculator that you can use to test out different builds (and save them!).

There are also entries for armors and weapons, although I’m sure that the release on May 15th will see more added.  I’m certain that as soon as the game is out, the developer will be working on a Massive update.

I like this idea of a guide in my pocket.  I’ll be looking for more like this in the future.

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