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Gameloft’s Batman: Dark Knight Rises and Shark Dash Launches On Windows Phone 8 This Week

In what seems like another round of the Windows Phone platform app and game launch frenzy Gameloft shows up to deliver two more titles to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Both Batman: Dark Knight Rises and Shark Dash will be launched as Xbox Live titles for WP8 this week. This comes on the heels of Asphalt 7 and The Amazing Spiderman being released from the well known gaming company.


A lot was made about Gameloft’s delay in bringing the promised titles to the platform but what wasn’t mentioned is the delay getting certified as an Xbox Live title causes for the developer. This process easily can add a couple of months to the time it takes for a game to arrive in the Windows Phone Store. Its good to see the trend is ticking upwards for the Windows Phone 8 platform and I hope the momentum continues going forward. Baby steps people, baby steps.

We’ll make sure to let our readers know when the links go live in the Windows Phone Store so stay tuned.

Source: WPCentral