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GameStick More Than Meets Their KickStarter Goal

KickStarter is great, but I’m still wary of it as it’s a gamble really, you give your money with no guarantee of anything. I haven’t really hear many bad stories about KickStarter but something tells me that they’re not exactly publicized either. Anyway, there’s one on KickStarter now that I’m interested in called the GameStick and I hope it works out, it looks like it will. As of now there is 21 days left in their campaign to reach $100,000 but they’ve already hit over $308,000 so I think they’re good to go. the GameStick is an Android powered  gaming device essentially and I wouldn’t mind having one honestly.




PlayJam announced today that the upcoming GameStick will support the full-analog Green Throttle Atlas Bluetooth controller. Building on the very successful GameStick Kickstarter campaign which has raised more than $270,000 to date, PlayJam will also include support in the GameStick for Green Throttle’s fast-action wireless controller at launch, providing an additional option for playing fast-paced Android games using the portable GameStick.

Green Throttle Games is a new mobile game publisher and maker of the Atlas analog controller which provides console level precision and accuracy. The company is led by Charles Huang, a games industry veteran, co-creator of Guitar Hero, and advisor to PlayJam. GameStick, which can run four Bluetooth controllers simultaneously, will support the Atlas controller when the GameStick launches this April.

“Soon, games will be distinguished by the only two things that matter to 90% of game developers.  One is screen size – phone vs tablet vs TV.  The other is play mechanic – touch screen, game pad, camera, etc.”said Charles Huang, CEO of Green Throttle Games. “PlayJam is an innovator in gaming on TV through Smart TVs and their upcoming GameStick. When you add this to our analog Green Throttle Atlas controller, any Android game developer can now become a ‘console’ developer and bring their game to new audiences of TV gamers.” 

GameStick, which launched its campaign last week on Kickstarter to an amazing reception, is PlayJam’s latest route to market for its technology platform – currently serving games in more than 50 million homes via smart TV. It aims to put truly affordable gaming in the pocket of the consumer, with the most portable, dedicated TV games console ever created.

“2013 promises to be truly exciting and defining with a wide range of Android-powered devices targeted at the TV due to launch in the coming months such as Ouya, Nvidia’s Shield and of course GameStick,”said Jasper Smith, CEO PlayJam. “By working openly and in collaboration with other visionaries in this space such as Charles Huang of Green Throttle Games, we hope to support mass-market user adoption at the most affordable price point possible. At $79, we think we have achieved this.”

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