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Who Do You Trust?

image One of the reasons I don’t like Android is because I don’t trust Google. A recent study by the Reputation Institute (which I presume is reputable because otherwise they’d never have a name like that;)) looked across 24 countries and 600 companies and placed Google at the top of the most trusted with a rating of 78.62. Apple came in 6th (76.29) and Microsoft in 11th (74.47). Here’s the thing – Google has this little legal issue going on about intentionally data mining (and they were offering to delete data when caught which may have been a way to delete the data so investigations can’t occur into the extent of their actions…real nice). And fundamentally if you look at Google, Apple and Microsoft there’s a fundamentally different core business. Microsoft sells software. Apple sells hardware and software. Google gives away software because they are in the data business primarily. Google knows more about you or I than the government and even know where you are right now (thanks Goog maps and I presume Droids are just sending data to the mother ship constantly) and they’re business model centers around using that data. And Google is going before the House Judiciary Committee because of concerns that they are “not adequately protecting personal privacy on the Internet.” So I don’t need to parse out Apple and Microsoft, but Google on top? Reminds me of the old stories about the mob…they broke the laws and routinely committed crimes but on Thanksgiving gave out turkeys throughout the community so that they were popular and when the government went after them there would be public outcry…sort of reminds me of Google giving away all of that software…Simmons, you can align yourself with them…I’m staying as far the hell away as possible.

So, who do you trust? And how much free Kool-Aid did you Google give you to drink before you answered that?