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Get Your Chan On with Chandroid

By now you’re probably wondering where I get all these sweet article images from, right? Chandroid. It’s an Android client/front-end that lets you cruise through your imageboard (aka chan) sites of interest much more effectively than doing it with the browser and post to the boards as well with good camera integration (if that’s your thing). Sets you back $1, but one of the better one dollars I’ve ever spent. Because the average channer’s interest lie predominantly in nsfw arenas, mature audiences and also very immature audiences alike (though also stand-up guys like myself who have a weird thing for cute animals) I mustn’t name any chans here but here’s a big list to get you started.

It’s good for offline browsing. Really good. I fire the thing up to my chan of interest when I’m heading toward the subway, it downloads all the posts on the given board including the images leaving me fully entertained throughout my no-signal ride and I’ll maybe even miss a stop or two. In the event of that and running out of cached chan content I’ll just hop over to NewsRob and repair my brain with normal information as I backtrack a couple stops. Chandroid lets you save individual images either for posterity or to share as I just did for this article and it can archive entire threads for you too. Love animated gifs? Well that makes one of us, but a free plugin for that has you covered. Here’s your market link, /b/ro.

Big segue for you: Day four no cigarettes (that was our prenuptial agreement, my quitting cold turkey). Hey, about how long does it take to get used to wearing your wedding ring? And it didn’t rain by the way so I got the ‘56 Plymouth Belvedere for those of you following my personal life, wondering if I’m making this whole thing up:

Doug Simmons