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Gizmodo: Microsoft Is The Best Positioned

Gizmodo had a really interesting story today on Microsoft arguing that their collective services place them in the best position amongst them, Google and Apple.

It’s common for writers to trot out the Google/Apple binary. It’s not entirely invalid: Yes, following spectacular success with the iPhone and the App Store, Apple has let its online ambitions—Mobile Me and the like—whither. And Google, inexperienced in hardware and consumer software as it may be, is an internet company, so you’d expect it to be ahead of the curve when it comes to, well, using the internet. But consider Microsoft, the lumbering giant, the sprawling monster. This is a company with more experience online than the other two companies combined; which could, if it wanted to, brings peoples lives—their media, their documents, their photos, their everything—online in a way that its competitors only dream of…But surprisingly it’s Microsoft—not Google—that’s best positioned for Our Future in the Cloud

They go through Kin Studio, live services, Zune, Outlook, Bing, etc and I think it’s a great overview of where things stand for MS today. Maybe add a little more Project Natal love (since I think that ultimately will be cross-platform as well and provide a unified way to interact with their devices). Ultimately it’s MS’s embrace of the cloud to combine their services that’s putting them in front…assuming they don’t screw up. It’s a great read. So, are they right?

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