Wednesday, January 14th, — Spb Software released Spb Weather 2.0, a major update of awards winning mobile Weather application.

Spb Weather is the most powerful Windows Mobile weather forecast program. It combines the detailed everyday forecasts for 10,000 cities worldwide from several weather sources with the beauty and friendliness of up-to-date satellite images on a 3D Globe.

New features in Spb Weather 2.0

  • 3D globe
  • Satellite images
  • Touch friendly interface
  • Standalone weather application
  • Temperature forecast movies
  • Sky forecast movies
  • Precipitation forecast movies
  • Current weather conditions
  • Improved integration with Spb Mobile Shell

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  1. I installed it earlier this morning and I must say I think it work quite a bit faster, it’s also more detailed.
    They have also added a ability to use your built in GPS to position you, although I’m not sure of the accuracy, when I tried to use mine, it only located cities in Canada. this may simply be a product of using the default weather service though.

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