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Gmail gets a bit more awesome

Google has been on a hell of a roll lately, and from the looks of this new Gmail update, it looks like they’ll be slowing down no time soon. Attempts to tidy up your inbox, or at least bring some sort of calm to it, is not new. But this time around, the “tabs” concept introduced here really does have some potential to be something special.

Google and their brilliance device to add some not so easy to miss tabs to your inbox, pretty much categorizing things as they come. The first is “Primary,” which offers the same old view you’re used to, followed by “social,” where you get your twitter, facebook and G+ messages. “Promotions” where you’d get your daily email blasts from different sources, “updates,” where you get your bills and such. And lastly “forums,” this one is self explanatory.

So what’s the big deal? Not only does this do wonders for you on the browser, but the tabs carry over to Android and iOS, so life gets a bit more organized there as well. I’ve done a good job at managing my mail from the jump, so I won’t necessarily be using these too often, but it is nice to know there is an extra “view” available when needed. Nice! Check out the video below.