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God Hates DoS Attacks?

Tango down! Man this guy doesn’t quit. Talking about Jester (th3j35t3r) who disrupts the websites of who most of us would identify as the bad guys. For a while his targets were exclusively apparent Jihadist recruiters. Then he became a pain in Wikileak’s ass which ignited some controversy including right here when I wrote about it in January. I’m in the market for some more controversy so let’s tune back in and see what he’s been up to, shall we?

Jester’s been branching out. His recent victory, one into which he exerted more tenacity and aggression than any other, was against the infamous and truly repugnant Westboro Baptist Church, more commonly known as the God Hates Fags funeral picketers with hate rivaled only by their litigiousness, often found beautifying funerals of soldiers with their nonsense signs and their shouting, most recently Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral. Why Elizabeth Taylor? Apparently she tried to help the homosexuals. Don’t ask me what their problem with soldiers’ families are, but if you did I’d tell you they’re just trolling, cruely, in real life with a lot of help from the Internet.

As a result of Jester’s valiant efforts, which have lasted eight weeks, eight weeks dedicated to this one man operation, is down and has been down since February, culminating yesterday with their provider somehow seizing their twenty something domains, some of them with names I feel even more uncomfortable repeating here than their trademark godhatesfags. Seems Jester blasted them on February 21st with his own mysteriously powerful and coveted tool dubbed XerXeS drowning out their obnoxious hate-filled rhetoric with packets of justice and with it presumably much of their ability to organize and raise money.

For those of you who don’t understand hacking or plan to head to Wikipedia to find out what denial of service attack means technologically, it’s sort of like how the Patriot Guard Riders drown these rather impolite people when they’re picketing military funerals — having been invited to do that by the families of the fallen — by revving their choppers with large American flags hanging in the back, lining them up in front of the protesters, escorting the processions. Really an awesome sight if you’re in the mood for something powerful:

uhohThe WBC’s Internet provider or web host, according to a recent tweet from Jester, decided they’d had enough of XerXes hosing their servers and “seized” the WBC’s domains yesterday. Well I say hallelujah to that, hope they stay down and I offer another nod of approval to you, Jester, for acting as a digital wingman to these bikers, using your talents and resources for good, and another nod to all of you bikers, you heroes, who obviously make up such a big chunk of our audience. Stay frosty.

Doug Simmons

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