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Going to MIX10? Want to party?

The Auri Group is getting ready for MIX10 and hopefully come back with a lot more details on WP7 and its development. In order to get the most out of it, they’re trying to put together an informal party.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Windows Phone Developer Party at MIX? Not “official” by any means, but just a way for us developers to get together, go over what we have learned, what we want, and maybe even give a lot of feedback to Microsoft? Heck, if we’re paying $1200 (or more) to go to a developer conference, why shouldn’t all these great minds (ahem) get together?

Let me know… Ping me on Twitter at @AuriGroup or @Auri or send me an email at

There’s no party like a Windows Phone party:) But really, this is a great idea to help everyone get the most out of the conference and make relationships that continue beyond Vegas, so if you are going, hit up The Auri Group.

UPDATE: Looks like a place to meet has been set up

WHAT: Windows Phone Development Cocktails & Conversation

WHEN: 8PM to whenever

WHERE: MIX Lounge, which is located in THEhotel, part of Mandalay Bay.

Please follow @AuriGroup on Twitter for more details.