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Gonna eBay my Nexus One, Need Advice

So I leapt from an AT&T-flavored Nexus One to a T-Mobile Nexus S, impressed to see that the N1 is still fetching, even used, over $400 on eBay. I could use that cash and I don’t have much use for the phone anymore but I’ve had no selling experience. Couple questions regarding how to characterize the phone in terms of wear and tear and whether or not to include extras.

Starting with the extras, I’ve got two spare batteries, one OEM the other Seidio. Instead of the 4GB it came with I have a 16GB Sandisk presumably of the same class. I’ve also got a class 6 Transcend 16GB chip which benchmarking has affirmed as being legit. Somewhere I’ve also got that Nexus One car dock which cost me maybe $75 and it’s sweet except the plastic on the top cracked apart, though it’s still usable, and perhaps if I call HTC they may give me a new one. Anybody happen to know if HTC would give me a new one and if so would its inclusion in the listing make enough of a difference, a fresh one, to be worth the time it would take to get it?

I wouldn’t mind hanging onto that 16GB class 6 chip as down the line it may come in handy, but if it would bump up the price a good bit then I’ll part with it instead of just parting with the unspecified but lower-classed Sandisk 16GB chip I picked up at Radio Shack (or I should offer both)?

Can’t find the damn phone sleeve, but I’ve got everything else.

Regarding wear and tear, when I unstrapped my insane helmetcam adhesive, I pulled off a tiny chip of the paint or whatever on the back battery cover. Pretty superficial.

The other shortcoming is that there’s a tiny scratch on the screen but it’s pretty unnoticeable unless you shine something bright on it and hold it at a certain angle. You have to be looking for a scratch to find this scratch. You could barely feel it with your fingernail but not with your finger. Here it is taking with a flash:

And without the flash you can’t see it (it’s a centimeter to the left of the tip of the red line. The other marks aren’t scratches, just didn’t bother to clean it perfectly:

Other than those two blemishes the phone is otherwise mint.

The phone itself, as I said, has an AT&T-flavored radio meaning you’ll only get 3G on AT&T’s network but it will at least work on EDGE with other GSM networks. It’s unlocked for carriers, bootloader, it’s rooted; currently running Android 2.2 (Froyo) with a recent nightly of Cyanogenmod. Should I flash Gingerbread maybe? If so, CyanogenMOD, another popular custom or a stock-like version?

I am prepared to throw in my Gizmo5 account if you think that would help beef up the demand. Would Craigslist make more sense? Maybe I should just link this article in the listing? Does it help that I’m a rockstar here, sort of like selling a Stevie Ray Vaughn-played Fender with some “character” scratches? Thanks fellas.

Doug Simmons