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Google and Bing on the Ropes: McHammer’s Search Engine is Coming

McHammer refuses to quit and in his latest attempt at the spotlight he’s announced that he has a search engine in the works. Seriously, this is CNN reporting this:

The project, called WireDoo, has been two years in the making, said Hammer (real name Stanley Burrell) Wednesday at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.

At the conference, he said what will make his search tool better than Google (or, too legit to quit, if you will) will be its "deep search" ability.

"It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords," he said, according to Mashable, a content partner.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur (after some late-90s difficulties) said a search would render not just direct results, but also information on possibly related topics. Its tagline is: "Search once and see what’s related."

The website (whose domain was bought in February of 2009 and currently has little more than a low-res image) says it is in pre-beta but you can sign up for the beta when it’s ready. And if you’re like me you can’t resist signing up just to get a laugh when it does come out and you can WireDoo yourself (what?).

Anyway, here’s your chance. Best McHammer meets search engine jokes in the comments.