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TouchRetouch – A Universal App


When I downloaded TouchRetouch to my phone last week, I was impressed. When I discovered that TouchRetouch is now available in the Windows Store as a Universal App (pay once, get it everywhere) I was excited. And this app is truly universal as it’s also available for Mac, iPhone, IPad and Android.


Sure, we’re not talking Photo Shop here. But for $0.99 this app is nothing short of amazing. How often have you wanted to remove some artifact or blemish from a photo and didn’t bother because you; a.) didn’t have a tool to do it, or b.) didn’t have the time. Now, in under a minute you can save that photo as it was intended. The tool set is simple; a magic lasso, brush & eraser. Tapping “GO” shows the results. There is a Move tool that doubles as a scaling tool, when you two-finger touch (or use keyboard commands on a non-touch screen). Btw, the app works equally as well with touch or mouse. Another button offers a view of the original for comparison. And there are toggles to go forward/back through your changes. Tap Export to overwrite your original, Save As something else, or Send via Mail, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.


Overall, very intuitive and simple for anyone to use. A “must have” app for your phone, tablet or PC. So now the question; why can’t all valuable and essential apps like TouchRetouch be made available for all platforms, including Windows Phone and Windows 8. The conspiracy theorist in me still believes this has nothing to with effort or coding complexity. And more to do with bias and stubbornness towards Microsoft and the Windows platform. Windows is not going away any time soon. Maybe these new sub-$150 Windows tablets or multi-OEM offering Windows Phones are going to start a new tidal wave. Or maybe not. One thing for sure though, ADVA Soft gets the message. Wonder how long the rest of the developer community can justify their spitefulness. Hope they all enjoy chewing on their noses.  And don’t forget to support early adopters, like ADAV.


Search for TouchRetouch by ADVA Soft to download the app to your device.