Once in a good while an issue comes across my desk that I throw caution to the wind and deliver my thoughts unfiltered. This Google & Microsoft YouTube app blockade is such an issue. I’ll keep this brief as I can go on for days on this rant.

Google requesting Microsoft to deliver a HTML5 YouTube app while neither their Android or iOS app is HTML5 is ridiculous. Blocking Microsoft’s app which they devoted engineering resources to at no cost to you exposes the sham of a company you are. What makes matters personal for me is that they are pushing Microsoft to deliver an inferior experience to me the user.

I can’t begin to tell you how infuriating that is. So know this, I’m a media guy who isn’t shy about publicizing wrongs. I’ll take you to task every way I can think of. Microsoft doesn’t always do the right thing so I’m not going to paint them as a saint of a company. The difference is that you, Google, paint yourself as a champion of openness yet it has become far too frequent that your actions contradict your words.

Finally I’d like to address advertisers. Advertisers have to become more aware. If you’re paying google to push your ads you need to let Google know they aren’t delivering as well as they can. The Windows Phone community has shown repeatedly that it is not adverse to spending money. If you’re watching your bottom line you’d be well advised to make your wishes known.

Microsoft’s Response


  1. When your the biggest kid in the playground you can either beat on everybody else, or be satisfied in knowing that you could beat on everybody else if that was your choice. Google’s search and ad businesses are feeling the pressure of competitors. And despite their overwhelming dominance in the Smartphone (and to a lesser degree, tablets) market today, they can see that Microsoft, the sleeping giant, is in no way planning to walk away from the lucrative mobile market. This isn’t spite. This is fear. Google is going to throw up blockades when and where they can. And by doing so, they will continue to erode their brand. Some companies (big kids) know how to handle global domination. Others become the kid that nobody likes. Let’s see where this goes.

  2. Great article. There needs to be more articles written like this that set aside bias and speak on facts.
    But at the same time I can’t help but wonder how the world would take it if MS blocked Skype from being used on android and chrome devices. There would be no end to the ridicule they would face… why is google not facing the same things?

    Put it short, Google is a very childish, contradictive, shady acting company.
    I personally look forward to their fall (for lack of a better word).

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