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Google Enables History and Friend Alerts

Goog keeps providing more features. This time they have enabled a tracking feature (so when you go on their site you can see your location history) but better than they they have enabled notifications when your Latitude friends are nearby. Both are pretty neat. The location history lets you see where you’ve been which can provide a pretty nice way to see you’re recent adventures. I personally find the friend alerts to be a more interesting feature. It will alert you (by email. text or both) when your Latitude friends are nearby. To use this you need to have history enabled because the software actually excludes your home and work locations so you don’t constantly get alerts. Of course, that’s double-edged…hey if someone is near my home I want to know:) The rationale behind their move is clear though – if your spouse is a friend then every time you get home you would both get a message. I bet that this gets ‘smarter’ over time and only excludes common friends in common location as opposed to all friends in a common location, but either way, I think it’s a neat feature. If you sign up now you should not expect alerts to start right away since Goog needs time to know where you sleep (insert your own irrational paranoia here). To enable these features just head to

Credit to Google Mobile Blog via jkOnTheRun