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Google Google Google! :P

Only a year and a half or so (?) in, as of a little while ago Google’s Android market has over fifty thousand applications available, a 250% bump give or take since January-ish. Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace for Mobile‘s application count is tearing it up somewhere in the hundreds and may or may not be projected to break the one thousand barrier eventually should anyone bother to keep count. Apple’s App Store has an approximately fourfold lead (for now…) on Android toward the neighborhood of 200K applications which according to my calculations is significantly more than whatever crap (no offense, developer) Microsoft’s packing, quantity and quality-wise.

Maybe sixtysomething percent of Android applications are free versus twenty five some-odd percent of Apple device apps. If inclined, unlike with Apple devices and soon unlike with new Windows devices too, one may install software on Android phones from any source without having to root or jailbreak. Take a guess which userbase feels like they have to root their phones much more than the other because they’re dissatisfied with their platform’s limitations and restrictions. But if an Android user wants to root his phone (typically to develop), Google supplies the tools themselves on the house with the rest of the SDK for all of their Android releases.

Some may be quick to note that Google’s Android Market approval process is more liberal than Apple‘s and some may note that Google, taking Apple’s lead, has started to fight dirty. I’d like to note that the fact that developers have ported Android to the iPhone along with a bunch of Windows devices and that to my knowledge the reverse has not happened speaks for itself louder than any of these stats and odometer milestones. What do you make of that, David K? No will, no way.

Excuse me while I go enjoy my Google phone which, what do you know, has an FM receiver and an 802.11N-capable transceiver, along with some other stuff, which are rumored to be fired up shortly with an imminent over-the-air upgrade.

Doug Simmons