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Google image search can’t tell Obama from Bush

That title is exactly ripped from MSNBC because it’s spot on. Turns out that the Google Image Search (beta beta beta) is not so hot. What it’s doing is getting pictures with similar looks and colors to it. So pop in a photo of Obama with all those flags behind it and it guesses you are looking at a picture of George W Bush. For real.

So then they took a picture of a dog on the grass and the returns? Any dogs? Nope pictures of a similar color scheme. In fact, the only thing that it gets correct are famous landmarks that you already know and wouldn’t waste your time using image search for. It even gives you a tip “Tip: Try entering a descriptive word in the search box” as in don’t use image search.

Oh and technically I don’t see the beta tag on the Google images site but we all know that except for the search engine itself, everything Google releases has a beta tag on it…that’s why Android requires 4 battery pulls a day, music beta is almost unusable and their image search requires text entry.