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Migrate to Android with SPB Migration Tool

spbmigrationtoolSPB is a great company that has been making software for Windows Mobile for a long time. At one time I had just about all their apps including very popular SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile. Today, SPB has announced a new App that will help you “migrate” all your Windows Mobile Device information over to an Android Device. The cost for SPB Migration Tool is $9.95 and can be downloaded directly from SPB:

SPB Migration Tool product page

SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer announces the release of SPB Migration Tool – a solution that helps you to migrate your personal data from old Windows Mobile or Symbian devices to a new Android smartphone.

To buy a new phone is always fun. But every change can cause the number of inconveniences at the beginning. Ask yourself a question: do you always save all of the important phone numbers to the contact list or maybe some of them are kept in the call history? When moving to the new phone these unsaved numbers can be lost without any opportunity to restore. Will you remember all of your favorite links without your old phone? Won’t it be frustrating to lose the text messages with valuable information or cherished messages from the beloved ones?

PB Migration Tool comes as a complete solution, which allows copying your personal information like call history, text messages, contacts, and bookmarks to a new Android smartphone. What makes SPB Migration Tool unique is an easy-to-use and convenient interface. The migration can be made in several simple steps and it doesn’t require desktop to save the data on it.

Android platform is the fastest-growing mobile platform. According to IDC, 4 of top 10 Android-based smartphone vendors recorded year-on-year growth rate upwards of 100% and growing presence of Android-based smartphone suppliers. SPB Survey results show that the users tend to choose the smartphone with Android OS as their next device. The need for the handy tool that helps to migrate to Android platform grows rapidly with the amount of Android devices being sold every day.

SPB Migration Tool gives the opportunity to choose between two possible data transfer ways. One is more convenient for users who have a MicroSD card and another one is easier for those who prefer to use mobile internet on both devices. Migration can be done easily by means of inserting the MicroSD card into the old device and copying all the information there. In case when the MicroSD card is missing the online migration mode can be used instead.

The user can download the application from the mobile migration site:

The data is encrypted and deleted from the server completely after 12 hours. The detailed instructions on how to use the SPB Migration Tool can be found on the service web site:

"SPB Survey 2010 showed the tendency of migrating from all other platforms to Android and SPB is happy to support its customers with the right solution for it. It is much easier to get used to the new smartphone when all the favorite contacts, important text messages, recent call logs and bookmarks are kept on it. So we did our best to create the tool that facilitates the migration to the new device by making it really smooth and convenient. With SPB Migration Tool it won’t take any effort to move to the new phone," says SPB Software CEO, Sebastian-Justus Schmidt.