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Google Now! Sizing Up Marketshare Realities

Android is king. Period. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. In fact the more people find out about Google Now and actually use it the wider the margin I expect to see.

People have so much money tied up in Apple stock analysts just seem to be hoping their cash cow can turn the tide but I don’t see it happening.

Was in a local WalMart here in Ft Worth. Took a picture of their mobile phone display areas. Android options not just in style and capabilities but price abound. Apple have their own display but that doesn’t mean much as people are buying phones for pay-as-you go options.

Windows Phone needs a presence in prepaid markets. Nokia’s 620, HTC’s 8S and a cheaper Samsung could prove attractive options. I think HTC missed a huge opportunity with the 8S. Tons of people would have been drawn to the attractive color schemes. I wouldn’t have minded the schemes on Android phones too.

BlackBerry is tanking fast. Introducing expensive phones that eliminates them from the emerging markets will only serve to hasten their fall. Nokia is aiming low with their smartphone lineup. Don’t be fooled by the 920, the aim is to get momentum and market share in the emerging markets.

Once again, Android is King, Apple is still strong but will never again dominate the market. Sorry but BlackBerry and Windows Phone will only serve as bit players. I may be wrong but only time will tell.