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Who is driving social media in the US part 1 The Data

Recently we received an email from inviting us to share their article “Most Popular Social Media Sites Review: Why Women Are The Real Power Behind The Huge Success of Pinterest and Tumblr” with our readers. As the resident female I said, Okay I’ve got this.

They’ve got a real nice infographic. So here it is. Yeah, it’s huge.


So men are on LinkedIn slightly more than women, women dominate on Pinterest, everyone’s on Facebook, and women consume more news and interact with brands more.

Let’s look at the Pew Research data now.

With a sample size of 1,801 US adults, Facebook is more diverse than the others, women outnumber men 4-to-1 on Pinterest, LinkedIn’s demographic skews to college graduates and higher income adults, and Twitter is the platform of choice for younger adults, non-whites, and city folk.

40% of Facebook users visit the site more than once a day, compared to 35% of Instagram users and 29% of Twitter users.

36% of those interviewed only used one of the sites asked about, while 42% used two or more and 22% used none of those (but use others). For those who said they used one of the above, 84% were Facebook users, 8% LinkedIn, 4% Pinterest, and 2% each for Instagram and Twitter.

On to Burst Media’s report.

With 2,577 US adults interviewed, Burst came up with the following:

While women outnumber men on Facebook as a whole, in the 18-34 demographic it’s almost even (56.1% to 56.7%). Among 34-44 year olds the difference is the greatest – 61.6% are women while 52.6% are men.

Pinterest and Instagram, as very visually-centered sites, skew even more heavily female. 21.9% of women surveyed had a Pinterest account and 10.4% had an Instagram account. Only 4.8% of men had a Pinterest account, and only 5.8% of men had an Instagram account. Looking at that valued 18-34 group, the difference is the greatest, with 25.5% of women having a Pinterest account to 3.6% of men, and 20.8% of women having an Instagram account vs. 8.4% of men.

Well, that’s some of the data, and what FinancesOnline has to say about it. Check out part 2 for what I have to say about it.