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Google Search gets updated for iPad and iPhone

google-search-ipad-iphoneI think it would be pretty easy for a company to hold back new features in it’s software to make sure it pushes it’s own platform first, but Google, just like Bing, continues to ruffle the feathers of it’s own legions of users by updating the iPad and iPhone before it’s own devices. The Bing search app was really cool and I still use it today, but Google has announced some serious new updates to the iPad that may have me switching once again.

Releasing a new version of Google Search, the new features include a side by side search result that lets you preview results on the right hand side of the screen with the results list on the left. Instant Previews and Google Instant have been added and you will not be able to +1 in the new updated app.

What’s New in Version

New design for the iPad
✓ See search results and websites side-by-side to browse pages and results
✓ Get to the right answer faster with Instant Previews and Google Instant
✓ See images full-screen with image browsing
✓ New visual UI for search history
✓ Easy access to other Google apps
New for the iPhone
✓ Minor bug fixes
✓ Full-screen mode for search results and pages
Note: Gmail notifications are now part of the new Gmail app.

Head on over to the app store and get your new update for free.