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What really happens if you ask Siri to remind you to put the gazpacho on ice

See, Apple wasn’t expecting you to actually try to do the things in their commercials. That would be insane. But that’s exactly what Paul Kafasis did. So he asked Siri to remind him to put the gazpacho on ice in an hour. The results?

  • Put the spot show on ice

  • Put the spots on Icenhour

  • Put tickets botulinum

OK so then he made sure he was doing it right and took it a step further. He took the audio from the commercial and let Siri listen to that. That has to do the trick, right?

    • Call Mirium Booksbaum

    • Call Anna-Genelle Harev

    • Call Ron Ridenhour

Ironically, those aren’t even people in his contacts. Those are combinations of names within his contacts. In fact, just getting Siri to understand ‘gazpacho’ failed miserably as well.

But we all know, the facts won’t get in the way of sales…