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Google Will Be In Your Living Room (Thanks FiOS)

Hope you like Google because they are on their way to your living room whether you like it or not. They are the ad giant right now and they’re going to continue that march.

Reach, precision, utility and measurement. These are the qualities we strive to deliver to customers, and we’re getting better at it everyday. Today we’ve strengthened the reach of the Google TV Ads platform even further by signing a partnership with Verizon FiOS TV, one of the fastest growing television providers with the largest fiber-optic network in the US. By adding over 50 networks on Verizon FiOS TV across 3.3 million homes, we can offer you growing access to the audiences you want to reach on television. 
By early 2011, advertisers will be able to reach 35 million households, or almost one-third of all US cable and satellite homes through Google TV Ads. Combine this reach with our digital buying platform, and you have one powerful solution that can deliver results. 
Like Google, Verizon cares deeply about the evolution and future of TV advertising. Together we’re thrilled to establish this partnership to offer great inventory and access to your audience via the Google TV Ads platform.

Mix this with VZ’s love affair with Android and you’ll see that these companies are really getting in bed together lately (ignore the Bing search thing – they’ll get over that). Anyway, there’s no stopping the giant and I presume your thoughts on this will be split right down party lines. Either you like Goog/VZ or you don’t.

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