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John’s Phone Provides a Free John’s Phone App for Android

I own an Android phone and I have to ask who is John and why is everyone so excited about his phone?!!  Hmm, I just read more into that PR and I may have to try this out, it turns your phone into a phone and only a phone. Interesting concept isn’t it?!



Who: John’s Phone Amsterdam.
What: An Android app that turns every smartphone into a John’s Phone, only allowing to make calls, being called and to receive text.
Where: Android Market.
Why: Because Christmas should be about spending quality time with loved ones.

Siting at the same table, but not really together? It’s time for a change! John’s Phone gives a helping hand with the free John’s Phone app. By shutting down the phone from the internet and 3G you won’t be able to use email, Whatsapp nor Facebook. Your win: some badly needed quality time for you, friends and family.

How it works
Welcome to John’s Phone free app for Android: we will make life simple again! Turn your mobile phone into nothing more than a…… phone! The John’s Phone app leaves you with just three basic functions: calling, getting called, and receiving text messages. That’s it! Stop the neurotic and never ending web surfing, wordfeuding, twittering and chatting and start paying attention to your friends again. In real life!

Smart phone becomes simple phone
The John’s Phone app turns every Android smart phone into a simple phone. The Android phone will look like a John’s Phone, with its -very- basic functions: to call, or to be called. And to receive messages. Everything else will be automatically shut down. Nice and easy.

The app is available in colours white, black, pink, green and brown. Only the special Golden Edition will cost the same as the real phone: €100,- Ridiculously expensive? Most certainly. But that does give you a 24-karat virtual golden phone. The app can be downloaded through the Android Market;

The simplest phone ever. Seriously
John’s Phone is the world’s most basic mobile phone. John’s Phone allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world: no frills and no unnecessary features such as a camera, text messaging and an endless number of ringtones. John’s Phone keeps things simple.

User friendly
John’s Phone requires no explanation. Use the phone to call and hang up, turn the sound up or down, and lock or unlock it: it couldn’t be any simpler. The speed-dial feature, which allows to save speed-dial numbers under every number key, makes John’s Phone perfect as a kids’ cell phone.

Large keys, address book, pen
Phone is a large-key phone. The back of the phone features a flap containing an address book and a pen – this makes John’s Phone perfect for older users too.

Dutch design
John’s Phone is designed by John Doe Amsterdam. John’s Team has embraced this concept and is responsible for the development and launch of John’s Phone in the Dutch market.