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Google’s Eric Schmidt Reflecting on Steve Jobs’s Teachings

Google’s chairman Dr. Schmidt is keynoting something. I haven’t listened to the full thing yet (it may be live) nor do I know what this conference is but so far he’s been talking about Steve Jobs, eloquently, whom he identified as his friend, and segues into applying what Jobs’s professional MO epitomized, things we should learn from him, into our businesses today, reflections on leadership and how to run a business, product quality, “reducing roadblocks in entrepreneurship” just now which I take to mean he’s about to start talking about patents or maybe education. Nope, no patent tantrum, no Android activation boasting.

Now he’s talking about the FAA strike. Now Moore’s Law. Back on leadership. Good stuff. He does not appear to be holding a new Nexus phone. Claims he prefers Google Docs over Microsoft Office. Couple playful jabs at Microsoft.

I love this guy by the way. Here’s the Youtube: