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Got Android? Then You Have Vulnerabilities Waiting To Be Exploited

Gotta love a nice open marketplace. One that lets anyone just throw anything onto it. So we know that one time someone created a banking app that actually sent your info to them. Not cool. But what if it turns out that it’s just the tip of the iceberg? SMobile Systems looked at over 48,000 applications available on Android’s market and found:

  • 20 percent of applications in the Android market grant a third party application access to private or sensitive information that an attacker could use for malicious purposes, such as Identity theft, mobile banking fraud and corporate espionage;
  • 5 percent of applications have the ability to place a call to any number, without requiring user intervention;
  • Dozens of applications have the identical type of access to sensitive information as known spyware; and
  • 2 percent of market submissions can allow an application to send unknown premium SMS messages without user intervention.

Man don’t you wish you had some real screening of these apps?:) To be fair, this is from a company selling security software. But between them and Google (you know, the company that is under investigation for illegally collecting personal data) it’s sorta hard to ignore them.

If nothing else, I think this gives some clues as to where things are headed. If the market remains as open as it is then this openness will be exploited – it’s inevitable. I know you guys love it nice and open, but just admit that you want someone watching out for your interests.