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GOTW #4: Worms! WAIT I mean Snails!!!!

You’re reading this right, Snails!  Now if you’re thinking “Oh great, some cheap knockoff!” BITE YOUR TONGUE SIR (or Madame) This game is GREAT! and how they don’t get in trouble for copying Worms! I have NO idea!  To start off, all I did was try out the Trial and let me say that it has enough game play to last a long time all by itself.  It comes with 3 stories, Moogum’s Diary, Ms. Lupeez Wild Ride and Nooginz in the Hood.  And then each story comes with 3 levels to play so all in all you get 9 levels to toy with before you buy it.  Oh and did I mention that it only costs $2.99???? (Worms costs $6.99) depending on your carrier).  

So lets take a look at game play.  Even though it is not “designed” for VGA(neither was Pipes but that was fun anyways!) it still looks nice and you can easily make it through the game without a stylus(but for some parts its easier to use it).  The ONLY part that i have seen where you really need a stylus(or small fingers) is when moving around the level  it is do-able with your fingers, but not as easy.  There is the small box in the top right that shows the full board.  You move the box around the level with that and it moves your main screen.  The graphics are classic Worms/Snails and dont even get me started on the Audio.. HILARIOUS… every once and a while you’ll get a fart or giggle or something random when you click on the links.  And then there are the worlds that you can play in! Just on the trial(i don’t know if the full version has more) you get 6 different environments! for FREE!  And for weapons you start off with a pistol, shotgun, machinegun, minigun, bazooka, bombs, Grenade,  tnt, frog, air transport, flea, grasshopper, worm and anvil.  All great stuff.  And then the comments… “Guffie has a big mouth, he keeps saying its his turn” or “Pookie almost feels bad about killing Noogie” … Priceless!

So what are you doing sitting there reading this? Go download it now!! and have fun and discuss it in the forums!

Read on for a ridiculous amount of screenshots! 🙂