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BAF MSL Grabber, version 1

Baffles over at PPCGeeks has released a BAF MSL Grabber for CDMA HTC devices. Although I have a HTC CDMA device, I have not tested this.

BAF MSL Grabber is an application to quickly and painlessly give you the MSL code for any CDMA HTC device running Windows Mobile. It sure beats having to do manual hacking or trying to convince Sprint to give it to you over the phone. The MSL is the code you are required to enter to edit any of your radio parameters. One popular parameter change is to lower the slot-cycle index, which makes your phone poll the tower more often, thereby making your phone ring quicker when someone calls you. Radio/PST configuration edits can be found all over the web via Google.


Please note that to use this you must have .NET 3.5 installed on your device.

To download, please visit – you can either download the .cab and transfer it to your phone and install it, or scan the QR code with software such as i-Nigma.

Visit the PPCGeeks thread here: