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GParkS (or: "Dude Where’s My Car?" for Windows Mobile)

I leave in an area with some serious parking problems.

Yep, you can say I’m one of those guys who get to spend at least 20 minutes a day looking for a parking spot. That’s my type of quality time! Just like blogging. If I don’t get to do it at least once a day I feel like I missed something.

One of the problems I’m beginning to have is that I keep forgeting where I parked my car. I sometimes even forget it few moments after I get home…

There are plenty of solutions for people like myself: money, shrinks, Palm Pre, Tower defense games, Touch HD, and here’s another one: GParkS

Sure it isn’t the sexiest app out there but it’s free and unlike Google maps – it only requires a valid GPS.  You can store up to 3 different locations and even name them if you’d like. When you want to locate one, you just click the respective Find button and you will be provided a compass direction (N, NW, S, SW, E, SE, W, NE) and approximate distance to your destination which will change as you continue to move.

Cool. Now I only need to remember to use it once I park my car…

Download GParkS 

So if you ever get lost trying to find your car in a parking place or just outside your house – try GParkS out.