GPS Tuner has been around a long time for us Windows Mobile owners and if you moved to the iPhone and miss this app, you are in luck. GPS Tuner announced today that it has a new Off-Road App for the iPhone that has a lot of features including the ability to send a “crisis message”. It is available via iTunes for $4.99.

For more information check out or check out their press release below.


I just wanted to give you all an update that GPS Tuner is also coming for Windows Phone 7. Check out this Video:


GPS Tuner Introduces Off-Road iPhone Application

Award-Winning Navigation Software Now Available for Outdoor Enthusiast iPhone Owners

GPS Tuner, makers of the best-selling, off-road navigation software, introduces GPS Tuner for the iPhone, a turn-by-turn navigation and route planning iPhone application designed for use where the traditional road ends. The GPS Tuner iPhone application is available today via iTunes for an introductory $4.99.

“GPS Tuner has quickly become a must-have product for outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road users alike”

The only GPS application powered by SmartRoute off-road planning software, GPS Tuner’s iPhone application allows users to plan their routes quickly and accurately. Unlike traditional navigation systems that plan trips based on road networks, GPS Tuner for iPhone provides users with automatically calculated directions for all off-road travel along with the option to manually calculate their routes. The application integrates the iPhone digital compass functionality for the most accurate positioning once users are en route.

With GPS Tuner for iPhone, users have access to hundreds of online maps that can be downloaded and stored on the iPhone for offline access and rendering. GPS Tuner will display geographical locations, routes, and way points in a selected map and can be exported and shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.

“GPS Tuner has quickly become a must-have product for outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road users alike,” said Tamas Frigyes, CEO, GPS Tuner. “We have seen a lot of demand for an iPhone application that will allow users to quickly plan the smartest off-road routes and GPS Tuner’s iPhone application delivers just that. The GPS Tuner iPhone application can enrich any outdoor experience whether you are a fisherman, geologist, cyclist, or just an outdoor sports fan.”

Additional features of the GPS Tuner for iPhone include:

  • Ability to send crisis messages, request assistance and share position with emergency response services, friends and/or coworkers.
  • 8 different types of online maps from multiple providers
  • 4 different types of route planning logics
  • 40 selectable trip computer tools with multiple layout options.
  • Various selectable Trip Computer charts
  • Bubble Level functionality to assist in slope measurements.

The GPS Tuner iPhone application, compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 is available today in the continental United States for $4.99 via the App Store on iTunes. A free version of the application is also available with limited features on iTunes. For more information on GPS Tuner for iPhone please visit


  1. GPS Tuner is a piece of crap & their tech support sucks too. Well actually I guess That I can’t say whether or not the program is a piece of crap definitively or not since I never got it to work. I tried loading it on three different devices (Dell X51V, HTC Touch, AT&T Tilt) & had the same exact problem. I don’t remember the specifics but the program wouldn’t load all the way. I tried finding a solution through their forums but I could not post my problem. I had to register on the site which I did several times. They were supposed to send out a email to authenticate your account. I never received the email. Therefore, I could never post on their forum. I sent numerous emails to their support team regarding both issues. Do you think that I ever received a reply? HELL NO! Therefore, I will never, ever try another piece of their software or so much as visit their site.

    BTW, I wasn’t the only one having similar issues with GPS Tuner not loading. They released a piece of crap program & failed to test it. Just to note I was running WM6.5 on all three devices at the time. On two of them I did revert back to WM6.1 & had the same exact issue.

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