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GPSToolPro reaches Beta .3 and touches my cell…

Cell tower anyways.  GPSToolPro is a new program done up by CLShortFuze over at XDA and it looks really nice. Not only does it get a really fast GPS fix, but it also gets your Lat/Lon from Google from the Cell Towers.  CLShortFuze is a .NET developer and is much smarter than me and describes his program as a “simple GPSID based GPS Tool” and that’s what it is.

Why it works faster is: “Having Windows to read the COMM port keeps it open for other applications to use. It’s also faster since it’s working as a device driver to the GPS hardware.”

So go give it a try and let him know how well it works.  I have gotten a GPS signal in 30 seconds.  There is a lot of technical information including Azimuth, Elevation and Signal Strength, so if you’re smarter than me and you can use the information that it gathers, great!  This app seems like it will go far! 

Follow his progress at XDA here or in our forums here.