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Ask the Readers: What is the best mobile WiFi HotSpot device & service?

I travel A LOT for my job, and I’ve been using AT&T for data on my iPad 2, but when it comes to my laptop or PSP, I’m left to trying to find a Panera Bread or pray for a hotel with decent internet access (which is extremely rare). With things like the Sony Playstation Vita coming out early next year, and a few other devices that I usually travel with requiring WiFi or dedicated 3G cellular data accounts, I’ve decided to look into a HotSpot device that can support them all and also consolidate the data plans. I was tethering on my iPhone 4 up until AT&T announced that they were performing a kind of Spanish Inquisition

to find those of us that felt that we should be able to use our data anyway we wished. And doing that with the iPhone 4 worked great, but just adding a tethering plan to my iPhone is out of the question as I use WAY over 5-10GB of data a month just on that one device (in March alone I used over 90GB….) and adding a tethering plan automatically removes my unlimited data plan.

So I leave it to you: What device/plan is the best bet for someone like me that is traveling all over the country on a regular basis and has anywhere from 3-5 devices that need WiFi. I would like 10GB/month at a bare minimum. 3G, 4G, 4G LTE? AT&T, Sprint, Verizon?  You tell me.

Also, how much data do you use on average per month?


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