I travel A LOT for my job, and I’ve been using AT&T for data on my iPad 2, but when it comes to my laptop or PSP, I’m left to trying to find a Panera Bread or pray for a hotel with decent internet access (which is extremely rare). With things like the Sony Playstation Vita coming out early next year, and a few other devices that I usually travel with requiring WiFi or dedicated 3G cellular data accounts, I’ve decided to look into a HotSpot device that can support them all and also consolidate the data plans. I was tethering on my iPhone 4 up until AT&T announced that they were performing a kind of Spanish Inquisition

to find those of us that felt that we should be able to use our data anyway we wished. And doing that with the iPhone 4 worked great, but just adding a tethering plan to my iPhone is out of the question as I use WAY over 5-10GB of data a month just on that one device (in March alone I used over 90GB….) and adding a tethering plan automatically removes my unlimited data plan.

So I leave it to you: What device/plan is the best bet for someone like me that is traveling all over the country on a regular basis and has anywhere from 3-5 devices that need WiFi. I would like 10GB/month at a bare minimum. 3G, 4G, 4G LTE? AT&T, Sprint, Verizon?  You tell me.

Also, how much data do you use on average per month?


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Current Device: iPhone 5 64GB Past line up includes: iPhone 4S iPhone 4 32GB HTC AT&T Tilt 2 HTC AT&T Fuze HTC AT&T Tilt HTC AT&T 8525 Samsung Blackjack Samsung Blackjack II RIM BB Curve Moto RAZR (three of them actually) Nextel i95c Nextel i90 a few other various Nextel models Samsung color flip phone on sprint... you know the one I mean. Had a blue case, did internet? Can't remember the name.. SC400? Many other Samsung and etc Sprint flips Moto StarTac Bell Atlantic Mobile 'candy bars' And more.. I need more phones.


  1. Since you use more than 5GB, I would consider using Sprint Overdrive. That is a decent WiFi Hotspot with 4G and cost effective. It is unlimited for 4G and whenever there is 3G, then it is capped at 5GB, but after that it will slowdown (3G), but if you could find decent 4G place (Check Sprint coverage), it is very decent and reasonable. I feel both AT&T and Verizon as expensive and eventhough T-Mo claims 4G, its coverage area is way below Sprint.

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