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Graphene comes closer to mass production

Well, you all know we’re all about mobile devices. But the Senior Staff wants us to branch out a little bit into more general “technology” (whatever that may mean), so here goes:

First you need to know what graphene is (okay, so Wikipedia isn’t generally acknowledged as a good research source, but we’re just looking for a quick primer). Read that? Great.

So far, graphene has been made by peeling layers of graphite with, basically, Scotch tape. Well, some folks at UCLA have discovered a better way, using a CD and a DVD writer.  Seriously.

What does this have to do with mobility?  BATTERIES. Graphene is a great super-capacitor. 30-second charging of your mobile phone? Yes! Compostable?? Yes, PLEASE!


Yeah, yeah: scientific discoveries can take years to go into production. But this is exciting stuff!