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Mobility Digest Review: iTilt iPad Desk Stand by Bracketron

There is no question that Bracketron is one of the largest suppliers of accessories to the mobile market. with over 122 different products, they have something for everyone no matter what device you have. Today, we are going to take a look at the Bracketron iTilt iPad Desk Stand. Clearly marketed for iPad or iPad 2, the iTilt can actual be used as a universal tablet holder and work for a variety of different tablets.

The Bracketron iTilt comes in a small retail friendly package and only contains and inner shrink wrapped bracket.










The Bracketron iTilt iPad Desk Stand is very small and compact measuring 6.71” x 5.93” x 0.53” (L x W x H) and will easily fit into your briefcase or backpack when traveling. The iTilt is well build and is made of a very decent grade of plastic and has a metal kickstand that while very functional, does not look all the attractive and gives the iTilt a cheap look.

There are 4 rubber cushions on the foot of the bracket as well as the top of the bracket  that hold your iPad in place for a firm grip and will make sure that it does not get scuffed. On the bottom of the iTilt there are only two rubber grips to keep it place and I would have liked to have seen a third rubber grip on the back side as I found a slight movement towards the back side. Nothing too serious, but it would have held the iTilt in place on any surface.








The iTilt will allow you to view the iPad or other tablet in both landscape and portrait orientations as well as housed in almost any case. I tested it both in my OtterBox Defender and leather portfolio case from Mobile Fun and both worked great. The iTilt will also let your view your tablet from any one of 8 positions that  are slotted on the bottom of the stand. You should have no problem finding the proper angle to view your tablet on no matter what position you are in.










The Bracketron iTilt iPad Desk Stand works very well and I really liked the choice of 8 viewing positions in both landscape and portrait orientations. Viewing media content was great. I am a new junkie and I found that I can really use the iTilt during the day on my desk and stream CNN or Pandora. I found the iTilt outside of not having a third rubber foot very stable and very well built. The ability to take the iTilt with me on the road when I travel and put it on the tray table on flights really worked well. Bracketron’s experience with building brackets is very visible in this bracket and the ability to use your Tablet, either the marketed iPad or other tablet of choice with a case is proof that they thought the iTilt out very well. I would have liked to have seen a more visibly appealing solution to the metal kickstand, but it is very strong and gets the job done. For $19.99 on Bracketron’s website, the iTilt iPad Desk Stand is a good value for the money and product I would recommend.

For more information or to purchase, head on over to Bracketron’s iTilt page


  • Universal design will work with any tablet
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Well constructed and strong
  • Good value at $19.99


  • Crude and ugly looking with metal bar
  • Could use a third rubber foot on the bottom side