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CM 7.1.0 Packing 2.3.4 About to Hit

So Google dropped Android 2.3.4 on stock Nexus S owners. Those not fitting that description have been SOL until the fairly near future as I just scored and flashed me a CM 7.1.0 / Android 2.3.4 “kang” nightly floating hereabouts (I didn’t even know what kang was – means super duper unofficial, so a super duper unofficial unofficial of an unofficial thing in this particular case).

Wifi doesn’t work but hey man it’s 2.3.4 and it’s CyanogenMOD all right so my guess is that all the thirty something CM-loving devices will get hit with a less buggy and unofficial 7.1.0 / 2.3.4 in a day or two. Brace yourselves bitches.