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Happy New Year!

2008 is now officially in the books. Even though last year was not the greatest "Microsoft Windows Mobile" year with a lackluster release of Windows Mobile 6.1, it was an awesome year for Windows Mobile Devices! We got treated to devices like the Tilt/TyTN II, Palm Treo Pro, HTC Touch HD (across the pond), and finally the Diamond Series from HTC! The Touch Pro has been a home run for sure in 2008. Testament to that point is the US carrier support it has received! AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & Alltel all got warm fuzzy feelings for the Raphael. Our Canadian friends Bell and Telus also shared the Christmas joy with late releases of the Touch Pro too. Then we all know HTC is rock solid with their own branding of the Touch Pro.

So what can we expect for 2009? We know that from a carrier standpoint we will ride out the bulk of the year here in the US with the Touch Pro. The Sony XPERIA might get some love from those who have some deep pockets and want a "I got something you don’t have" device. But for me, I am hoping for HTC to bring us the Touch HD Pro! If the Touch HD Pro gets released, lets all hope we can get our hands on it with some GSM Goodness! As great a dream as that may be, I think HTC will continue to be starry eyed with Android Devices. Let’s all hope that HTC keeps their eye on the WinMo ball!

And for all of us here at Tilt Mobility and Fuze Mobility, we will keep keep working on bring you all the latest and greatest tips and tricks, reviews and news for our favorite devices. The two website’s had an excellent startup in 2008 and we will not let you down in 2009. You can look forward to more "pointed" podcasts, more reviews, and tons of tips and tricks as we find them! Our forums are really taking off with all the specific information you need to maximize the performance of our favorite devices. The last thing we have in store for you is our next website, PPC Mobility! PPC Mobility is up and running now, but still is in the development stages. PPC Mobility will get a fresher look in the very near future. Unlike the focused look we bring you with Tilt and Fuze Mobility, PPC Mobility will be all things that we find interesting  with mobility that don’t exactly fit in either of the two websites. It’s still under construction, but we have a pretty good review of the HP MiniNote 2133 already posted from Tyler Earman. (Remember him?) So please excuse our mess while I finalize a new look at PPC mobility and enjoy!

So thank you once again from all of us here at Tilt, Fuze, and now PPC Mobility. We love what we do and look forward to an excellent 2009!  Have a Happy New Year Everybody!