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TMo US HD2 Official ROM Update Available*

TMobile has an official statement of the HD2:

A software update for the HTC HD2 is now available for download. This software includes a number of key fixes, including improvements to the device software and access to new applications such as Shazam and AmazonMP3.

Customers can complete the software update by going to following the step by step instructions to successfully complete the software update.

But doing that tells me I’m going to get an update to T-Mobile HD2 MR Software (Version 3.14.531.1) and that’s the only available download.You can see that the download shows a Date Updated of 9/23/10 which matches the 9/26/10 posting we had on a leak of the official ROM. The only difference is that ROM was version 3.14.531.0 (as opposed to .1). In other words, I hope there’s something else coming our way cause this is nothing…it does match the leaked ROM information from the other day though. A little disheartened over here since 3.14.531.0 has some serious Messaging issues and now I’m left with the prospect of updating and needed to reinstall apps, etc for an incremental update. So be it…