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Hard or soft?

As some of you have read I’ve made my share of rants in which I declare that if Microsoft keeps doing or not doing something or heading in particular direction I dislike that my next phone will without any doubt be Android as soon as someone makes a GSM version of something like the Nexus One but with a hard keyboard.

I don’t want to look soft. I need to preserve my street cred up in here and to do that I need to make good on these Google phone threats soon. Not interested in the Droid, no one seems to be in love with its keyboard plus I’m in Luke Wilson’s camp about talking and surfing at the same time being a key component to a fulfilling life. And now that Google’s selling AT&T versions of the Nexus One, the only thing (other than $529) keeping me trapped into a world of nonstop reboots and GPS tweaking adventures is my need for a hard keyboard.

But damn, the Nexus One, good to go on AT&T right now, who knows how long I’d have to wait for a successor with a keyboard. If I could just get over my fear of soft keyboards then I could talk trash with twice the authority having finally seen the promised land. Seems everywhere I look I see people using soft keyboards and they appear to be happy with their lives and no matter how fast I type they just won’t look at me and my badass keyboard. They won’t look.

Could anyone please talk me into outgrowing the hard keyboard?

Doug Simmons


My Nexus One is on its way! Thanks everybody!