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Windows Phone Launch Accessories

Why I hang out at pools

So working at Best Buy, every time a new product comes out there are a rush of early adopters who come in and buy out all the new stuff, whatever it happens to be.  Past few weeks it has been iPods.  Not a fan but personally but to each his own.  What I’m more concerned with are the customers who come and expect us to have every accessory known to man for a product that just released the week before.  Apple is definitely one of the best when it comes to availability of accessories through the unified dock connector, regardless of how cumbersome and proprietary it ends up being.  What this means is that when an new iPod/iPhone comes out any accessories that previously connected through a dock system, barring no major power differences, should work fine on older accessories. Not only that but case manufacturers jump through hoops to get iPhone/iPod models out the door as quick as possible.  Damn it!  I want to be floating next to this chic with my sleek new WinPho handset convincing her why she’s lame for owning an iPod and I’m cool enough to show her the way to quality electronic entertainment devices that don’t require setting up a timeshare on your soul for Steve Jobs.

Now I’m not so much concerned with speaker docks and the like but what I want to see is a wide availability of cases and other protective items coming out at launch for Windows Phones.  I see this going a long way in the eyes of the consumers who decide to purchase these phones.  Plus this girl on the float is not even going to notice me on the side of the pool waving my arms in the air to get her attention since I’m too scared to get my phone wet… The availability of cases gives these consumers a feel of persistence and acceptance as part of the cell phone OS community.  So far I have yet to see a large group of accessories emerge for any Windows Phone handsets save the obligatory car charger that works with every freaking micro-usb device ever made and why I don’t consider it an accessory.  I’m looking for things like video output devices or docks, connect and external control cables for hooking up your phone to a stereo and not have to walk across my freaking house every time I want to change whatever song happens to be playing.

My biggest want is going to be a quality case.  It’s almost impossible to find a high quality case in a retail store for any phone other than an iPhone.  I will definitely be investing in a decent Otterbox, should the company grace me with their cellular device protecting skills on my upcoming WinPho of choice so that I can stop worrying about my phone getting destroyed and focus on the destruction of my ego when I realize my phone has nothing to do with said girl in float not talking to me.  I’m also considering some sort of charging dock for my nightstand, like I have with my Fuze, as well as some sort of vehicle mount to make using the GPS less of a slosh-around-my-lap-while-I-drive sort of affair.  Maybe I’m just a slave to instant gratification or some other weird personal problems but I think this is going to be a major point of contention for those deciding to switch mobile OS camps.  What accessories are you going to be looking for to match your new Windows Phone or do you even care?