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Harlem Shake Creator HD app

So you’re tired of seeing everyone else’s Harlem Shake video, you think its time for you to be a productive member of pop culture and do you own! You’re in luck, if you happen to be an iOS user that is. Behold, the app sent from above, titled, “Harlem Shake Creator HD.”

The app makes your life a lot easier by divided the Harlem Shake awesomeness into three easy steps, so easy, you’d be crazy not to do it! Added “high quality” option is a must, but the best part of the app is the added slow motion effect at the end, NICE!

The original Harlem Shake Creator! Make viral videos with your friends in simple 3 steps.
★ Slow motion for last 2 seconds (canons)
☆ FREE upload to YouTube in HD or medium quality
☆ Save to camera roll
The Harlem Shake is an Internet phenomenon based on viral videos that began to gain popularity in early February 2013, following the release of a video by the YouTube comedy vlogger Filthy Frank.
Due to numerous requests, “save to gallery” option will be available for free within two next versions!!




source Lifestyles Defined