Everyone who has visited Mobility Digest over the years knows who I am and what I have done for the Windows Mobile Community. If you are somewhat new briefly in the past when Windows Phone was called Windows Mobile, I was one of a few that ported Touch Flo 2d and 3d from HTC Devices and made them usable on any Windows Mobile Devices. I also ported several other apps from Manufacture Rom’s and turned them into installable cab files. Finally, I also created Herg-a-Fied Rom’s for Tilt, Fuse, and Tilt 2 devices.

Well I actually miss those days so I have been busy creating a couple apps and put them into the Windows Phone Store for everyone to use.

The Apps I have created are called Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates. Both of these apps allows the user to quickly find hidden settings and exclusive apps from the manufacture and keep them updated. We all know that the updated system Microsoft uses has it FAILS when trying send out updates, so that is why I created these apps to manually check when you need them.

My apps are completely free as well as ad free. The reason these apps are free and ad free is:


“As a windows mobile user most users hate paying for an app if they don’t have to.

As a mobile device user most users HATE ads and make it worse to remove ads you have to pay to remove.

As an update app that does not show every app that needs updating, that is like buying just the front side of a car but missing the backend, then why would you use it.

Would you use your computer if you could not use Microsoft update? NO!!!!

My question which would you use?

One last point:

Who uses a Nokia, HTC, and Samsung device at the same time?

So why do you want apps for the 2 you do not use?

I offer individual apps for the device the user uses and in the future if the user switches to one of the other all they have to do is download the one app for their device.”


The last thing with these apps I offer the community is the buttons on Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Dates are BIG. Tell me the truth, everyone has different size hands and clicking on really small links for some of us makes it hard to do what we want to do. Well in these apps the buttons to click on are big enough so anyone has confidence they are clicking on the link they wanted.

Head on over to the Windows Phone Store (by the following links) and check it out for yourself now:

Nokia App Updates

Samsung App Updates





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I have been a Windows Rom Developer (ROMs made include Special K and Doug E Fresh Rom). I have port apps for Windows Phone like Opera Mobile, and HTC Sense for Windows Phone. I no longer do that stuff. I now focus on analyzing malware and I own my own business fixing computers as well as installing secured networks. In my spare time I have my own mini network at my house to see the impact as well as analyzing the damaging power the malware causes by using malware samples given to me. Thanks to MobilityDigest.com, I have been given a great pleasure to write about malware and the impact on mobile devices.


  1. I used your ROMs on my HTC phones up to the Fuse; it’s too bad things are so locked down on WP, but it is a great OS.
    My only complaint is that your Samsung App won’t work on my Focus S. I’ve been waiting for the ATIV S or an ATIV-like phone on AT&T, but it looks like aI may go ahead and order a 925.

  2. Thank you for your work on WinMo.
    I thought Android was a natural progression after the death of WinMo. Though a bit amateur.
    I am struggling now, stay with Android for the SNote3, or hold out for a 5″+ Nokia WP8.x?
    I am curious what put you off Android?

  3. Sorry, Is that the best argument you have?
    I ran 3 antivirus for the first 2+ years of owning Android, and the only warnings I got were for unidentied texts from my cellphone carrier. Or if I left on the “Install from Unknown sources” button.
    Don’t you miss the Power Bar on your Home screen that controlled all your radios without installing a 3rd party app to take you to a settings page?
    Don’t you miss having your music controls right there without pressing a button first?
    Don’t you miss showing your friends you kick ass device and having them say WOW! What is that?

  4. I understand Windows has issues.

    I have toooooo much time involved with Windows to walk away. Android is a good system but it is not for me. I do not need to worry about my computers and now my tablet/phone. That to me is too much work. I have gone to school for windows, I am certified in several certifications and I make a living working on computers. The last thing I want to do when I get home is worry my tablet / phone has malware.

    Hey if Android works for you great but it is not my choice. Windows Phone 8 does have some draw backs but so does Android and Apple.

    Windows is what I know and it is what I am sticking with.

    • Dude you are awesome! I am also sticking with Microsoft for the long haul and don’t appreciate Googles way of doing things either!
      We need more guys like you against the seemingly unstoppable Google horde!.
      I am so sick and tired of Android fanboys dissing WP and putting us down!! Unfortunately I am still rocking the very first Nokia windows phone ever (L800) so I can’t download your apps right now but will be upgrading to WP8 very soon and your apps will be amongst the first I install.
      Anyways, keep well brother! You RULE so keep up the goid work and keep fighting the good fight for our ecosystem ^_~

  5. Desktop Computers (specialy Windows) i excpect to have threats like viruses. Cell Phone and Tablets (yes anything is possible) I expect to be a low threat.

  6. Can’t you android guys just leave Windows Phone users in peace… If you hate WP and don’t get why anybody would like it over android just look away! Microsoft is trying to create a totally fresh and unique mobile experience in a yet to mature ecosystem. I absolutely love the design and usability philosophy behind this OS and cant wait for it to grow in to its massive potential…. Maybe you are just scared of change, but Google as a whole is doing things in a way that I feel I can no longer trust or approve of….

    • Fanboy rage does nothing to further the cause.
      I you had read any of my previous posts, you would know I am a long time Windows user and still am. I own multiple devices on several platforms.
      I speak from education, not fanboy.
      Get an Android and get a clue. Both platforms have their weak points. I am looking for the best one for ME.
      Currently, the Android browser sucks, but the overall platform has more to offer than WP8 in it’s current form.
      There are many arguments for or against both platforms, find the one that is right for YOU. Dont fly into a rage because someone else has different wants and needs.

      • Yes I am a “fan boy” but I am one because I too work on and with multiple different devices and mobile operating systems every single day and have to constantly help people fix their phones and Android gives me more trouble then any other OS! (except maybe Symbian… But that’s a whole other headache) So before you go on the offensive and blindly start insulting my knowledge and experience take a deep breath and calm down!
        I am sorry if I came across a bit harsh but “fanboy rage” as you call it is what I need to deal with every day from Android users just because I HAVE made a choice that is right for ME and it is not the same as theirs.
        So sorry again if I offended you in any way but trust me I am very much educated and I am definitly not clueless…


        Lumia Fanboy

      • Fair enough.
        I don’t fix anyone’s devices that are not in my immediate circle. I tell them where they can get the answers so they can learn to use them correctly and to their full potential.
        The same thing I am doing now.
        I want to read honest feedback about what the device or OS can and cannot do, so I can make an informed decision for me.
        “It sucks…just because” does not tell me what I need to know.
        I offer a platform based on what I know about a person, I do not condemn a system because a majority of users do not take the time to get to know how to do more than the basics and mess up their device.
        We are here visiting this site for the same reason, I assume, to learn more. Lets help each other and write with purpose.
        Not interested in fighting. Or fanboy blanket statements.

      • Honestly, I would recommend an iPhone for 75% of users. It is just simple and works. Even though it is not right for me.
        I think it is the “Advanced” features that get users in trouble.
        I want more advanced features even if I do not understand how to use them all. And have to admit, I lust for for than I need.
        That’s why I am here. Will Windows Phone satistfy my wants and needs, and how do I make it work for me. This site helped me through WinMo.
        Today Android does not satisfy my needs. Neither does WP8.

  7. To each their own!
    I only attack Android or IOS when my beloved Nokia device or Windows Phone OS is badgered and mockingly frowned upon by haters and fan boys!
    At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and what you like.
    In my opinion if you want a solid phone that just works and is reliable get a iphone or windows phone, if you are an app junky that has to fill up your 64gig memory with as many apps as will fit get a iphone, if apps is not that much of an issue and you want a tad bit more customization get a WP! If you are a fiddler and tweaker that is undecided and never happy and want as much controll as possible so you can change, adjust and re adjust every possible feature and function of your experience get an Android flagship. But keep in mind the price for all that control is stability, fragmentation, security and performance issues.
    Windows phone is perfect for me because it is a solid reliable OS that does everything I need it to do in a fast fluid and beautifull w (keep in mind I have mentioned I am a fan boy ^_^ )

  8. I am sorry, I didn’t understand that last comment about settings.
    What did you mean by “A set back”?
    Or did you mean exactly that? Because I would agree, and it is one of the biggest problems I have with WP8 in it’s current form.
    I am excited to see a Nokia TabPhone will be announced in September, been waiting a long time for that.
    However I got to play with Chrome on an SG4, briefly, last night, and it seemed to work as expected.
    If the Nokia TabPhone has an SD card slot, it will be a tough choice between that or the SNote3, or whatever competition is available, when I am ready to buy.
    I am also eager to see what the next WP8 update brings.
    Fingers crossed

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