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Herg-A-Fied Apps

Everyone who has visited Mobility Digest over the years knows who I am and what I have done for the Windows Mobile Community. If you are somewhat new briefly in the past when Windows Phone was called Windows Mobile, I was one of a few that ported Touch Flo 2d and 3d from HTC Devices and made them usable on any Windows Mobile Devices. I also ported several other apps from Manufacture Rom’s and turned them into installable cab files. Finally, I also created Herg-a-Fied Rom’s for Tilt, Fuse, and Tilt 2 devices.

Well I actually miss those days so I have been busy creating a couple apps and put them into the Windows Phone Store for everyone to use.

The Apps I have created are called Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates. Both of these apps allows the user to quickly find hidden settings and exclusive apps from the manufacture and keep them updated. We all know that the updated system Microsoft uses has it FAILS when trying send out updates, so that is why I created these apps to manually check when you need them.

My apps are completely free as well as ad free. The reason these apps are free and ad free is:


“As a windows mobile user most users hate paying for an app if they don’t have to.

As a mobile device user most users HATE ads and make it worse to remove ads you have to pay to remove.

As an update app that does not show every app that needs updating, that is like buying just the front side of a car but missing the backend, then why would you use it.

Would you use your computer if you could not use Microsoft update? NO!!!!

My question which would you use?

One last point:

Who uses a Nokia, HTC, and Samsung device at the same time?

So why do you want apps for the 2 you do not use?

I offer individual apps for the device the user uses and in the future if the user switches to one of the other all they have to do is download the one app for their device.”


The last thing with these apps I offer the community is the buttons on Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Dates are BIG. Tell me the truth, everyone has different size hands and clicking on really small links for some of us makes it hard to do what we want to do. Well in these apps the buttons to click on are big enough so anyone has confidence they are clicking on the link they wanted.

Head on over to the Windows Phone Store (by the following links) and check it out for yourself now:

Nokia App Updates

Samsung App Updates