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Herm Brings Snow Globes and Eggs to WP7

Herm’s Software is likely a household name to our followers by now since he’s produced countless apps for Windows Mobile and now has transitioned to Windows Phones. His latest two offerings are a customizable snow globe app and a classic game called Eggs (that was also a WM game). Let’s start with the snow globe since we’re rapidly approaching the holidays:

Snow Globe is a Virtual snow globe for your phone.
Create beautiful snow globe in seconds with any picture that you have on your phone. Simply select the picture, resize it to fit the provided area and you are done.
Makes for a very nice picture frame with a twist, or a screen saver.
More features to come soon including accelerometer support for more interaction, more presets, more globe styles.


How about a video of it in action?

Let’s move on to a game:

Eggs is a clone of an old Russian game from the 80’s
The objective of the game is to collect eggs that are falling down the rails.
Two game modes
Game A where eggs are falling from three railes at the same time
Game B where eggs are falling from all four rails
In game Pause/Resume
Saves game state so the game can be continued at any time
Local high score that displays when the game is paused or five seconds after game is over

I’ve played Eggs – it’s good simple fun. It’s a nice throwback.

Both apps are available in Marketplace now for just $.99.