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Hey Microsoft, We The People Are Important Too!

Going way back to the opening annoncement at MWC 2010 when Ballmer unveiled Windows Phone 7 and continuing up through today we have heard the importance of developers.  When members of the Windows Phone team get cornered they always tell how important making and keeping the developers happy is.  This week’s MIX ‘11 event is a perfect time to ask…what about us, the users?  Is the features we are most requesting get a priority ranking?  It would seem pretty misguided to give developers additional tools and have them produce apps we won’t use very often instead of pouring time into getting features implemented that we would use daily.

Here’s your chance my fellow early adopters of Windows Phone.  Hit the comments or hit us up on twitter at @MobilityDigest with your most desired features you’d like to see.  I want real-time gaming with Xbox counterparts and landscape support.  What else has you salivating?